Governing Body Members

Dr. Aamarpali Puri

MSc., Ph. D. (Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab).

Dr. Puri is a renowned scholar in the field of chemistry, the founder cum director of the Concept Research Foundation and editorial board member of the following Journals.

  1. IDC International Journal (A Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal 



ISSN: 2395 – 3357 (Print)      ISSN: 2395 – 3365 (Online)

  1. The Genesis  (A Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal)  

Email: editor.thegenesis@

ISSN: 2395 -2164 (Print)

  1. The Research Reservoir-of paramedical Sciences  (An International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal)

Email: reservoirparamedical@

ISSN: 2395-4507 (Print)

  1. The Business Age (An International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal of Business, Commerce and Management)



ISSN: 2455–9423 (Online)

She is associate member of the National Institute of Personnel Management, India.  An educationist believing in the supremacy of research as a profession, Dr. Puri founded the Concept Research Foundation with the objective of making research popular amongst the younger generation. Previously she worked as the Administrative Head of the Main Training Centre of The GTTI at Sealdah, Calcutta which had almost 5,000 students. Later she also worked as an Assistant Director at the Public Relations Office of The GTTI.

Mr. Anamitra Roy

B.Com.(Hons.) [C.U.], DFA (CMC), PGDBF (HSIS India), GPBL (TASMAC), Associate Member- NIPM,
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (University of Wales, U.K.).

Anamitra Roy, a post graduate in finance management and marketing management, has experience in administration, operations and franchisee management of leading vocational training institutions.
An avid reader, a writer of many research articles in international journals, Mr. Roy is associated with many management knowledge imparting bodies.


Mr. Asok Pratap Roy

BSc. (C.U.), MBA (C.U.).

Mr. Roy, a graduate of science from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and a post graduate in business management from IISWBM, is one of the senior most members of the of the Concept Research Foundation family. With almost four decades of experience in administration and management of a leading global manufacturing company, Union Carbide, later known as Eveready Industries, he entered the world of business consultancy. EIMPA, Gama Centauri Hospitals, some of the leading multiplex and cinema halls in Kolkata were his clients.

Mrs. Sneh Lata

B.A, B.Ed.

She is Director of Ana Publishing Private Limited Punjab, India and Saujanaya International Educational Foundation (NGO)

Mrs. Sneh Lata is the senior most member of the governing body of the Concept Research Foundation. She has forty years of experience as an educationist. She was the head of the National Public School for almost thirty six years.


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