From the Director’s Desk

Dear Readers/ Followers and Well wishers,

The world and our nation has reached a critical phase in history as we are facing problems relating to optimum utilization of resources, equal distribution of wealth and finding substitutes to a lot of things that we never imagined that we will have to. In order to reach a stage where we can find a solution to such problems, I felt that research is the only means that we should have and we can actually adopt. It is through research that we can take our civilization to a stage of immortality that we as humans always wanted to. It is through research that we can attain the stage of perfection that will enable us to reduce costs and look towards a brighter and prosperous future.

At this critical juncture, I am very happy to introduce you to the world of Concept Research Foundation. It is a project of our dreams. In Concept Research Foundation we will not only invite talented researchers to share their ideas and works with us, but we will also try to inculcate a sense of research among the young generation who can give us a tomorrow that will be better than any other yesterday that has ever come to this world.

At the initial phase we are inviting articles on any discipline and of any length to be published in this blog of the Concept Research Foundation.

Please feel free to contact me at  for any query or sending articles that you would like to publish in this blog of the Concept Research Foundation.

Thanking you and looking for your everlasting support,

On behalf of Concept Research Foundation,

Dr. Aamarpali Puri


Concept Research Foundation.


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