By: Anamitra Roy


“To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground.”

Stephen R. Covey


The first time I ever came across this term “human touch” was way back in 2008.

It was the first session of the Indian Premier League. The Kolkata Knight Riders team was being coached by world famous coach and management expert from Australia, John Buchchanan. Buchchannan just the previous year had won the World Cup for Australia. In one of the interviews before the first match of the tournament, he talked about the exercising of “human touch” with the players in the team. I still remember the interviewer was surprised and asked him further about human touch and why he was doing this. Buchchanan explained. He was going to each and every player of the team after the net sessions. He was talking to them about their positives, reminding the players about their strengths, solving all their personal problems if they allowed the coach to do so and ending the session with a firm hand shake. The result was unimaginably positive. The players accepted their new coach. They were sharing not only their professional problems but at times also emotional disorder related matters. They were opening up like a can of beans … discussing their relational problems about their wives, girlfriends, partners, mates and more importantly, getting solutions to these problems through these discussions. A great example of “human touch” … a great example of winning people through “human touch.”

As a young man I was deeply impressed with Buchchanan. I was impressed with the way the term “human touch” was coined and with the way it was being exercised by one of the greatest coaches in the history of world sports. I kept on thinking about this. I asked myself about what is “human touch”. I realized that it was all about touching, touching one, touching one without actually touching him/ her. But then how is that “touching” to be done without actual touching. I realized that it is all about touching through communication … words/ gestures or may be through a combination of both.

It is very difficult to touch someone without actually touching that person. It is, I felt, getting into someone and then providing that person with an emotional support to overcome the negatives and fill up the deficiencies. With utter shock I understood that this concept of “human touch” is almost as old as probably the human civilization is. After all what did people like Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Gandhi and Mother Teresa were into. The answer was very simple. “Human touch”.

What did Mother Teresa mean when she said, “Touch a leper, touch him with love.” After all it was all about “human touch”. I was astonished to consider the degree of patience and perseverance the Mother had in herself. This patience and perseverance allowed her to understand the other person and accept all the minuses of that person. The passion for exercising “human touch” also needs to be taken note of.

I remember watching a movie a few years back. It was a typical monsoon afternoon of 2003. I was lying on a cozy sofa in my living room and watching a Bollywood blockbuster, “Munnabhai MBBS”. There was a tag line attached to the name of the movie “He might just cure you.” This movie was about an antisocial element. He pretended to be a doctor although he lacked the formal qualifications to do so. But this lack of qualifications was not a thorn for him. He was quietly and gradually curing his patients. It was all by the exercising of “human touch”. The memories of that movie sparked a sensational feeling in me. It was all about “human touch”. The male protagonist Munna was a phenomenon among the staffs of the hospital. There was a scene in that movie where the male protagonist was hugging a sweeper and thanking him for his tireless services of years to keep the hospital premises clean. The sweeper literally had tears in his eyes … few priceless tears getting the sweeper closer to Munna forever.

I realized that absence of rigidity was another quality that was required to exercise “human touch”.

All the great people who have enriched human history forever, had exercised “human touch” at some point of time and it was all because they were patient, perseverant, lacked rigidity and had tremendous passion and faith in “human touch”.

But then what would be the result of such an exercise? An unbreakable union, a difficult and much desired change at last easily brought in, a feeling of positivity, prosperity, a feeling of being alone getting vanished, emotional solidarity being established and a lot of happiness getting manufactured and spread everywhere.

I instantly started to exercise “human touch”.

I started to teach four poor but meritorious students. What followed was that I was no more alone in this universe. I had four more friends who were ready to do anything for me, who are still now connected to me just for the sheer enjoyment of it.

I started to take burdens of my Dad. Result was that I developed a bond with him which was never there since my adolescent days.

I started to share the job burdens of my colleagues at my workplace. Result was that I was surrounded by a group of happy and close friends at my workplace.

I started to donate for charity. Result was that I became an even happier person who was even more confident about his existence.

Most importantly, I started to convince more people to exercise “human touch”. Result was that I kept on getting motivated to write, speak and exercise more of it.

After all it is “human touch” that has kept the world civilized, united and forward moving.

Cheers to “human touch”.

“Nothing eases suffering like Human touch.”

Bobby Fischer


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