“NIRBAAK”: An Opinion oriented Post Mortem Report

By Niladri Nath Sanyal

 On third of may 2015 I watched the much awaited Bengali movie “NIRBAAK” by Srijit Mukherjee in Theatre.

There are four love stories linked with a thread of “LOVE”. The movie begins with the story of a person who is in love with oneself followed by Jisshu Sengupta and Sushmita Sen’s love story where we experience an extraordinary love of a dog coming in between them … love of a dog with his master. Here we get to see height of possessiveness. Lastly the love of a very ordinary man … a man who does not allow even death to come on their way. Here love crosses all the barriers of death and becomes immortal. This film simply teaches us to fall in love once again but with a different view-point.

It is an extraordinary movie by Srijit but somehow or the other my expectations were thousand times more than what I got today.

All the actors have done their job nicely and have given their one hundred percent. Another thing which made me feel bad is that, still the Indian audience is yet to give proper respect to Jisshu Sengupta. Sushmita  Sen has done a great job. Anjan Dutt, Ritwick Chakraborty dosent need any special mention. They are superb in their field. Anjan Dutt’s character has made me think hundred times of falling in love with my own self which I never thought of till date.

Cinematography, background music, editing is superb. Everywhere I got the fine touches of Srijit. But what I expected was an abstract movie which would have compelled us to use our interpersonal skills to enjoy the movie at its fullest. Anyways, we can consider this movie to be the beginning of new era of “New Indian Cinema” of the directors of next generation. These types of films basically pave the way for the directors of next generations.

I have been waiting for this movie since Srijit Mukherjee has started talking about his baby. Somehow or the other this movie has given me a hollow feeling which cannot be defined in words. One should not make a mistake that I felt sad after coming out from the theaters.

A special thanks should be given to “Sree Venkatesh Films“ for showing their interests in experimental cinema and taking risk in investing in a film where there is a minimum chance of monetary gain.

Lastly, I can say Sir you have done a great job and keep it up always in future for the audience who would love to see good and sensible cinema and run to the theatres for their own interest. A special hope will always be there that all the film production houses should at least once invest in sensible and experimental Bengali cinema and give it a fresh lease of life.


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