Changing Frame of Reference / Dimension of Any Thing

By Mohammad Arif Ali Usmani

M.Tech. (Information Technology)

Ex. Asst. Professor  Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology

College of Engineering Science & Technology Mahanlalganj Lucknow U.P. India

Historical Background

In ancient history Emperor Suddat & Emperor Numrood, Emperor of Babylon (old Iraq) and Pharaohs of Egypt (Like Khufu and Ramesses etc. ) knew about this theory.  That’s why they made pyramids’ of different types at different places and cities & paradise as of which nowadays having so many proof.


If one hut is built in such a way that one surface curl and other surface diverge or parallel to the angle of dip of the Earth at that place and if electromagnetic waves are superimposed on the hut in such a way that it resonates with the internal space of the hut, It will change the frame of reference of person or items inside the hut.   That person or item can be transferred to another hut having the same frame of reference in no time, irrespective of the distance between the two huts.


In this phenomenon angle of dip on the surface of earth is used as channel, because of difference on different places on the earth.


We know about two types of movements of earth, rotational movement around its axis with the rotational speed of 1670.00 Km/hour and on the other around the sun with the revolution speed of 107000.00 Km/hour. The speed of sun is =900000.00 Km/Hours. We can achieve the resultant speed through multiplication of above three speeds by applying above Hypothesis i.e. 1670 x 107000 x 900000 =160821000000000.00 Km/hour.

If we achieve resultant speed of the sum of above three  speeds by applying the above hypothesis, then we get = 1670 + 10700 + 900000 = 1008670.00 Km/Hour which is 1069.976 times less than speed of light, but this speed is also efficient to help change frame of reference

 Gain & Achievements

“Changing Frame of Reference of Anything”, aims to provide facility of transferring of goods/ human being from one place to another, anywhere on earth within 1/7 second, hence these type achievements are which we can apply as follows:

1 Time dilation By Lorentz Transformations Equation   T = Tx √(1-V2/C2)

Where T   à Achieve Time Dilating

            Tà Original Time

            C   à  Velocity of Light

            V  à  Resultant Velocity  

 2 Length dilation By Lorentz Transformations Equation   L = Lx √(1-V2/C2)

Where L   à Achieve Length Dilating

            Là Original Length

            C   à  Velocity of Light

            V  à  Resultant Velocity  

 3 Mass dilation By Lorentz Transformations Equation   M = M1  / √(1-V2/C2)

Where M   à Achieve Mass Dilating

            Mà Original Mass

            C   à  Velocity of Light

            V  à  Resultant Velocity  

 4 Energy & Mass Conversion By Einstein Equation   E = M x C2

Where E   à Energy

            M  à Mass

            C   à  Velocity of Light

Classical Experimental Apparatus: It consists of a four blade fan connected to a high speed motor with speed control. By use of this apparatus we can measure the frequency of electric source of any light source.

When we rotate the fan by accelerate and operating the motor in any light whose frequency is to be measured, we can see fringes in the blade. We can see that initially the fringes are rotating but with the speed adjustment number of fringes can be counted and their rotation can be stopped. When there are four stationary fringes are observed then the reading of accelerometer is taken:

Frequency of Electricity (F) = Number of rotation per sec of motor (R) x Number of fringes (N)

E.g.   If R = 12.5, Rotation per Second and N = 4

Then the Frequency of Electricity in Light Form (F) = 12.5 X 4 = 50 Hz.

Hence it proves the relation between F, R and N


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