12 Teachings that you will be taught in a B – School other than those in the syllabus

By: Anamitra Roy

Time spent in a B – School is one of the most fascinating experiences that one can have. A B – School teaches you about business. But apart from business it also teaches you a few more things which first breaks you and then reshapes and remodels you. A discussion on 12 such teachings that are not included in the syllabus but are taught in a B – School, are as follows:

  1. How to get going with people from different nationalities, ethnic and religious backgrounds
A  B – School always is a conglomeration of people from different nationalities, ethnic and social backgrounds.  During our years of growing up we are often taught by the environment around us to hate people from a particular nationality, ethnic or religious background. But in a B- School those beliefs and lessons are bound to take a back seat as you will have to encounter teachers as well as class mates from various nationalities, ethnic and religious backgrounds. In a B – School you first learn that all the lessons that you were taught which said that a particular community is very bad, are pure rubbish. You will learn that community is not that bad.
    2.  The art of handling embarrassments

During your tenure as a student in a B- School, you will be taught so many different types of subjects like sociology, politics, economics, law, accountancy, mathematics, organizational behavior, management etc. You will naturally be strong in some and be weak in some. You will face problems with the subjects in which you are weak. You will have to face embarrassments in those areas and thus, in the process you will learn the art of handling embarrassments. On receiving more of it, you can learn that embarrassment is a part of life and is unavoidable.

   3. How to reach targets

The syllabus is framed in a B – School in such a fashion so that it appears huge to a student, at least at the initial sight of it. At times students may also get the notion that these are unmanageable. The interesting thing is that one needs to go through this huge syllabus, prepare and seat for the exam within a stipulated time. Thus, in the process you learn the science of reaching the targets. Because you are always moving ahead with a target in mind, you learn how to not get perturbed by the presence of such targets in your life.

   4. How to be focused in life

The syllabus, at the cost of being repetitive, lets point out again, is framed in such a manner so that it appears huge and unmanageable to students at the initial sight. And to go with that you will have lots of provocations during your tenure in a B – School. Drugs, alcohol, gals, late night parties are just a few names of the never ending list.  So you will require strong determination to encounter this long list of provocations, some of them genuinely life threatening. Thus, in the process you will learn how to be focused in life.

   5. How to control emotions

If you are a Muslim, getting ready for exams on the day of Eid or if you are a Christian doing the same on Christmas will rob you off your emotions. The sheer volume of the syllabus (when you will be required to go through a few thousand pages one day) or neglecting your personal and family life for months will make you free from all sorts of emotions.

  6. How to keep track of developments in your field

In a B –School during seminars, workshops, chat sessions you will come across some of the stalwarts of the industry. You will get to know about bodies that deal with your area of specialization. The curriculum at a B – School thus introduces you to the sources that will help you to keep yourself updated even years after passing out from the B- School.

  7. How to make optimum utilization of theories

Life in a B – School will introduce you to the world of theories. All most all the disciplines that you will be taught will have theories attached to them.  But a B – School will not keep itself limited in introducing you to the theories. The curriculum will ask you to prepare assignments by application of these theories. This is where you will learn to put on your thinking hat and make utilization of the theories … optimum utilization.

   8. To be multi tasking 

The curriculum in a B – School will teach you different types of subjects like marketing, human resource management, IT, finance management, accountancy, law, sociology, economics, politics, ethics, statistics, mathematics, strategic management etc. Thus, you will have knowledge from different disciplines. In the process you will learn to be multi tasking as you will be told from time to time to use this knowledge.

   9. How to handle independence

A huge syllabus, long list of provocations, a glorious life waiting for you, assignments dates, exams, job interviews … add one more problem to that list … independence. It actually can be a problem. There will be no one to boss you, help you, shout at you or put you back in track when you start giving signs of getting derailed. A B – School teaches you to handle things all by yourself and thus you learn the art of being independent … after all independence means a lot of responsibilities.

   10. To be ready always 

Surprise tests, industry visits, assignments, lectures, seminars, research projects … all are a part of life in a B – School. At times you are called for tests during festivals like Christmas, Durga Puja, Diwali, Eid just to give a shape to your mental toughness. Sometimes you will be called for a class in the middle of the night. Thus, you learn in a B – School the art of being ever ready.

   11. Stress Management 

Voluminous studies and research projects and life without a break for months are bound to test you. Stress will pile on and on. Thus, in the process you will learn the process of handling stress. You will get to know what stress is like and how it feels with so much around you.

   12. How to not get disturbed by sheer volume of a task?

One of the greatest lessons that a B – School will teach you is that volume is not a dimension to be afraid of. Whatever you will be surrounded with in a B – School will be huge in quantity … size of syllabus, stress, requirement of determination level, physical fitness etc. Thus, students in a B – School learn the art of how to not get disturbed by sheer volume of a task. You will be taught to break a huge task into fragments and approach it fragment by fragment.

Most importantly, a B – School teaches you so many things within a small period of time and how to handle these learning without getting too fussy. You learn to accept yourself the way you are but look for continuous improvements. You learn to accept defeats gracefully. That is the essence of life at a B – School.


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