Communications Is an Art

Compiled By: Aamarpali Puri

Seven Levels of Listening

1 Not listening: Not paying attention to or ignoring the other person’s communications.

2 Pretend listening: Acting like or giving the impression that you are paying attention to another person’s communications, but in actuality not really paying attention to that individual.

3 Partially listening: Only focusing on part of the other person’s communication or only giving it your divided attention.

4 Focused listening: Giving the other person your undivided attention to his or her communication.

5 Interpretive listening: Going beyond just paying attention but really trying to understand what the other person is communicating.

6 Interactive listening: Being involved in the communications by asking clarifying questions or acknowledging understanding of the communication.

7 Engaged listening: Being fully engaged in communications involves listening to the other person’s views, feelings, interpretations, values, etc., concerning the communication and sharing yours as well with the other person(s). In engaged listening, both parties are given the opportunity to fully express their views, feelings, and ideas.

Listening Bad Habits

Following is a list of ten bad habits of listening. Check those listening bad habits that you are sometimes guilty of committing when communicating with others. Be honest with yourself!

􀂅 I interrupt often or try to finish the other person’s sentences.

􀂅 I jump to conclusions.

􀂅 I am often overly parental and answer with advice, even when not requested.

􀂅 I make up my mind before I have all the information.

􀂅 I am a compulsive note taker.

􀂅 I don’t give any response afterward, even if I say I will.

􀂅 I am impatient.

􀂅 I lose my temper when hearing things I don’t agree with.

􀂅 I try to change the subject to something that relates to my own experiences.

􀂅 I think more about my reply while the other person is speaking than what he or she is saying.


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