Take care when using Electricity

By : A. Ghosh

  1. Safety precautions to prevent electric shock

1)   Careful handling of all electrical equipments.

2)   Damaged leads must not be used.

3)   Broken switches and plugs should be replaced immediately.

4)   All metallic parts of electrical equipments should be properly earthed.

5)   Plug must have its top

6)   All safety devices should be in working condition.

7)   Electric hand tools should be in order at all time

8)   Fuse ratings should be correct.

9)   Respect electricity and do not play with it. It has the potentiality of all dangerous consequences.

  1. Shock and shock treatment

When a human body touches live wire, current flows to earth through the body, causing severe shock and possibly death too. This is because all alternators, transformer, overhead lines are having neutrals grounded.

Method of resuscitation

  1. Holger-Nielsen method (Prone resuscitation)
  2. Mouth to mouth-resuscitation method

Prone Resuscitation. (i) Back pressure—arm lift method (Holger-Hielsen method). There are several methods of giving artificial respiration in the prone position, among which the Holger-Hielsen method is the most common. Here, the victim is made to lie on his stomach with his elbows bent and his hands folded under his head. The person administering artificial respiration kneels down with his left knee opposite the victim’s head and his right foot on the ground, near the victim’s left elbow. He then places his hands on the back of the victim with the thumbs just touching, and gently rocks forward until his arms are almost vertical and he is exerting pressure on the back. The entire movement takes two seconds. The movement causes air to be exhaled

After this, the reviver rocks back gently counting “three” for one second and places his hands under victim’s elbows. The reviver then slides his hands past the victim’s shoulders until his hands can grip the victim’s upper arm near to the elbows. Then he raises and pulls and victim’s arms until tension is felt. This action, which is completed in two seconds by counting “four, five”, causes air to rush into the lungs of the victim

Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation. The mouth-to-mouth method assures positive movement of air into the lungs. Therefore this method is preferred when the victim cannot be placed on his back or if he is still on a pole or a tower after receiving shock. The procedure for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is as follows :

  1. Remove any obstruction from the victim’s mouth.
  2. Place the victim on his back with his head tilted backwards and his chin pointing upwards.
  3. Open your mouth wide and take a deep breath. Place your mouth tightly over the victim’s mouth and keep his nostrils tightly shut.
  4. Blow gently into the lungs of the victim until the victim’s lungs get filled with air.
  5. Remove your mouth and watch for the return rush of air from the victim’s lungs.
  6. When expiration is complete, repeat the procedure until the victim resumes natural breathing.

List of safe practices related to electricity

While working on electricity mind should not think otherwise.

Before energizing a circuit, think about all “clearance”.

Do not disconnect any plug by pulling the flexible cable.

Put off main switch before replacing a blown fuse.

Always be aware of good earthing.

Portable electric equipments, such as drill, must have sound earthing.

File, knife, screw driver etc. must not be used without handle.

Live wire should be provided with switch.

A plier should not be used as a hammer. Sharp tools should not be kept in pocket.

Use sand or dust in case of electric fire. Do not throw water, switch-off electric supply.

Use safety-belt when working on a pole or tower, ladder must be held by another person.

Always add acid to water and not otherwise.

For electric fire use dust, sand carbon dioxide extinguisher or carbon tetrachloride extinguisher.

Dealing with a person in contact with live wire.

Switch off to disconnect person from live wire.

Use a wooden stick to get the victim free. Insulate yourself from the ground, by using a rubber mat, dry wood or clothing and then get the person free.

Send for Doctor and till he arrives, give first aid for resuscitation.


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