Poppy cultivation in West Bengal (Siuri)

By: A Roy & S Soren

Poppy (Opium) Botanical name Papaver somniferum, Hindi name Afim , Post. Part of plant used is unripe capsule from which latex based drug morphine is extracted. The dried juice or latex obtained from unripe capsules is used. The incisions are made on the unripe capsules, shortly after the fall of petals. The crude latex contains resins, oils and alkaloids including morphine and codeine. The latex has narcotic and soothing properties and is used as a nervous stimulant to induce sleep and relieve spasms. Large Quantities are injurious or even lethal. Oils from the poppy seeds are medicinally used. The herb is a native of West Asia and is grown in India, China and Asia Minor. In India, the plants are cultivated in U.P, Punjab, Rajsthan, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal.

Please see the video recorded at Siuri, West Bengal, India.

Poppy seeds cultivation at Siuri, West Bengal, I


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